Minecraft LIVE

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It is a series of events happened in a virtual game world: Minecraft

What’s the different between programmed NPCs and real people ? How to celebrate their unique “Life Styles” and “culture”?
This series of events include 3 parts : NPC’s Festivals and a short documentary of their life, and a live-stream for visiting NPCs. 

- PART I : Festivals -

What kind of festivals could happen in NPC’s life? Based on their behaviors, I planned several of them.

Picnic Invitation : A Minecraft villager owns a farm , and invite others to have food.
A Party : Avoid danger by fire, they hold a campfire party
A performance : Villagers also need a hero
An Album : A  villager singer publish her album using unique tones
A Briefing : Local government hopes to build effective communications with human players
A competition : villagers like to build fascinating houses to live, and make it a competition
A conspiracy : Unethical managers make merchant NPCs into vending machines
A fashion show : villagers made unique outfits based on their histories about survival

- PART 2 : Documentary: Approaching villagers -

Approaching the Villagers is a documentary film about the Minecraft NPCs – the villagers. The film follows the villagers’ programmed lives as indigenous people of the Minecraft world. In Minecraft, players are accustomed to plundering resources from the villagers, enslaving them into forced productive activities, and even playing with them for fun. This is also documented in the video.
Scenes in the documentariy
bird view of the village
group activies
villager’s love story

The video also hopes to arouse people’s reflection about the emotional loss induced by game mechanisms. By implementing flags, crowns as a part of visual clues, and using AI-generated british male accent as the narrator, this film also provides a historical perspective to reflect on colonialism in a virtual game world.

- PART 3 : Livestream: communicate with villagers! -

REAL-human village LIVE is a travel documentary-style live broadcasting that explores the playful side of villagers’ daily lives and reveals their inner world. As a foreign visitor, the host of the show communicates with the villagers through a unique translator, also helps them resist the enemies at night. Non-player characters ( villagers) are often enslaved in Minecraft. In the early stage of the game, players always force villagers to engage in agricultural activities and steal villagers’ property to accumulate their survival necessities. People care less about their moral items due to the weak link between guilt and consequence in-game. Just as industrial robots are servants of capitalists, NPCs in Minecraft, who have a new language system, are also representing the game world mechanism. The inhuman attributes of villagers increase the maliciousness of players towards them. By humanizing NPCs’ behaviors to call for emotional tinnitus, this project hopes to arouse people’s sense of guilt and explore the game world-building process’s various possibilities driven by this emotion.