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Start your interviews for users with just a board game!

Get Your Point is a need-finding board game for designers to reveal people’s pain points and to look for design opportunities by gaming the process of first-time interviews. It makes interviews entertaining and light-hearted, thus encourage good interactions and avoid potential  bias.

 01. Carefully designed scoring system

By merging crucial information points into the game and give rewards for players who mention them , it encourages interviewees to actively recall more details of their lives.

 2. Gambling rounds

Participants can start gambling rounds to accelerate the gaming process, and require for more detailed information of what they need to hear.

 3. Note sheets

The note sheet helps record scores in the game. It is also designed for documenting information points from interviewees. it helps save time for review and also avoid interviewer’s potential bias by carefully written down details and re-organized them.


Barriers of design interviews


Interview plays an important role in need-finding. Designers deconstruct interviewee’s stories to analyse and  find design opportunities. Sometimes designers may feel difficult during the process because of several aspects. Like lack of trust from interviewees, improper questions and biases… How could we ask good questions that help catch pain points efficiently without much preparations? How to encourage interviewees to answer questions faithfully and actively?

To solve this problem. I first analyzed the interview questions and did researches to catagorized them.

Explore Question Content from interview content

Build Question Content from interview content

Based on questions, I concluded some important elements that led to answers that can suggest pain points. For the interactions: behave, hear, smell, say; for the narratives: goal, think, feel;


A game is a closed, formal system, that engages players in structured conflict, and resolves in an unequal outcome.

So I designed a game to help solve these problems by combining questions strategies above.

I hope to design a two-player board card game, to solve the problem that designers can’t conduct questions well in interviews. Also I hope this game could build the trust and encourage interviewees to recall more details about themselves.

Game Rules Design

Get Your Point is a two-player (designer v.s. interviewee) board game. Designer is the leading role, while interviewees are not capable of describing problems in one of their specific experiences, in a detailed way.  In the beginning each one will randomly get four cards, by answering the questions from the cards in turn , interviewees and designer can get scores. After several turns, the one with higher score wins.

Iterations & Prototypes

After several iterations, I improve the game from several aspects, including information delivery, time control, and documentation and mechanics. I added detailed rules in the cards, revised the note sheet, and added gambling rounds to increase reward feedbacks.


Game Mechanics and details

This is the whole process of the game, and the rules.

Visual Outcome