AR shopping mall

VR/AR | Interaction | Experience

Your attention is valued online now. 

I hope to imagine a scene, your engagement is physicalized in the Meta-verse and has economic influence.

- Statement -

Online, Attention equals Value.
The Internet rewards trends and shapes trends through constant tracking of every individual’s online engagement – producing huge advertising profits and general promotion through constantly updating algorithms.

What if, in the future, the inherent value of our attention is manifest as a type of currency, with value in both our online and physical daily lives? In this scenario, people and advertisers have reached agreement that individuals’ gazing behaviors can be constantly tracked and to promote popularity. In return, the Big Tech benefactors share part of the financial benefit from advertisers.

A personal attention-based currency system is developed to measure this new economy. Paying-attention becomes a new form of consumption behavior. Subjects gain greater social influence and economic value through their engagement with this social system. The pursuit of popularity becomes encouraged as a recognized rule for living.

This project portrays a future economy dominated by attention, and a frenzied consumption for popularity. A world in which data-tracking is formalized, and our remaining privacy boundaries re-constructed.

- Story -

Spot: the sacred vending machine

Consumer’s Choice :

Popular Items are carefully selected by the seller. They try to make the vending machine a sacred space for selling the “trend”

When gazing at a popular item, signals of raising hands, encouragement, rotating products, social media comments… make engagement a sacred behaviours, people feel being cared about and sense of achievement and participance.

When more people gathers, the items value become higher. When people leave, they become normal price.

Popularity Billboard

The popularity billboard posts ads and information about the secrets and stories of how to collect more attention/engagement so as to gain more attentional credits.

Meditation space

Gaze tracking is blocked here. A quiet space to avoid information overload and popular products.

A Tour in the mall