Magic Power

Emotion condiment-making factory offers a place to materialize different kinds of emotions and make them edible. It is intended to transfer and dissipate the emotional burden through physical means; and to give it the attributes of a commodity, which can be given away, discarded and packaged. 

From a microscopic perspective, textual imagery becomes the basic element that makes up the molecule of the condiment, suggesting that the direct determinant of emotion is language. The food made from seasoning can be very tasty, and the digestive system becomes the main “judge of words” instead of the brain. The owners of the workshop want everyone can take back control of the negative impact by providing condiment that can produce more delicious food.

[Story illustration]
[Condiment illustration]

Design Process


Many superpowers come from the human fantasy of breaking through their own limitations. The real world always seems to be full of crises, war, discrimination, extreme emotions always like poison corrodes people, compelling people to hurt each other, and the tragic fate of individuals and even groups is born. The superpowers in many fictional works reflect people’s struggle against the temporarily irreconcilable conflicts in reality. What if one of the power can take real physical injuries and transform them into something completely harmless.


What is the form of physical harm? In what specific ways?And what is completely harmless? Harmful things can be physical, verbal, olfactory or auditory. ( One of the Iterations: Harmful words are like bullets and become flowers and toys)