Documentary: Approaching Villagers

Approaching the Villagers is a documentary film about the Minecraft NPCs – the villagers. The film follows the villagers’ programmed lives as indigenous people of the Minecraft world.

In Minecraft, players are accustomed to plundering resources from the villagers, enslaving them into forced productive activities, and even playing with them for fun.

The documentary film interprets the computer played villagers through a humane view, and hopes to increase players’ empathy for in-game NPCs. It also hopes to arouse people’s reflection about the emotional loss induced by game mechanisms. By implementing flags, crowns as a part of visual clues, and using AI-generated british male accent as the narrator, this film also provides a historical perspective to reflect on colonialism in a virtual game world.



An event is simply a result, a consequence of interactions. A documentation of time, events are a medium for design to formalize interactions between large networked systems, content, people, places, and objects. What events can take place in the Minecraft world? I hope this event can build communications with players to show the non-mechanical characteristics of NPCs and re-interpret relations between players and robots

[MC World Events]

A habit, routine, or ritual   (In MC, conquering the nature is always the first important thing to do.)

A catastrophe or crisis (NPCs are enslaved to make raw materials. )

.A fashion(People pay every efforts to survive, outfits for surviving becomes a trend.)

A competition (Good living environment to ensure  workers’ efficiency and healthy.)

An apology  (Players send their apologies to the secret box, then will get a message conveying kindness.)

An album, song, or performance 

A talent show, musical, or play (In different scenes, NPCs fight for themselves)

A press briefing

Shopping (A big secret: villagers are made to be machines for trading efficiently.)

An recommendation algorithm (Using algorithm to generate good NPCs for players.)

Cooking or cleaning ( build a food industry together.)

A party

An accident, fire, or crash (One day, the manager disappears. Everything needs to be fixed)

A seance (A rites to translate different emotions for villagers.)

[the most important event]

Minecraft villagers decide to show their daily lives by inviting producers to make a documentary for them.


Minecraft villagers decide to show their daily lives by inviting producers to make a documentary for them.

1.The centre: In minecraft documentary, each well in the village seems to be the communication centre for villagers. The fast way to find the water resource.

2. Daily activities: A clarification of daily lives of villagers, conveys a sense of general ease for listeners.

3. Different tones: villages react differently with various tones.

4. Storage: villagers have their storages to collect resources



(2)A Bird view : this series will take you to the last wildness, and show you the planet and wildlife as you have never seen them before…

(3) gossips: Here at the center of the village, the spring witnesses a kind of daily information-exchanging activity.  One that guarantees them a constantly awareness of some unusual things.

(4) fall in love

(5) farm: MC villagers live a simple life and always follow their daily routines