Digital Parade: Trash Revival

  • AR&VR

The Trash Rally is an augmented reality parade that celebrates the labor of garbage collection in DTLA through the camera lens.

Trash in DTLA has always been a problem. It is found on many corners of the city, however, it is also a part of the urban ecology that symbols a surplus value of daily objects.  After being used by people, the meaning of the trash existence needs to be reinterpreted by other subjects, like the nature and the recycling unit.

Our parade focus on the moment when disposed urban items are returned to the recycling process to fulfil their life cycles in city ecology. We see those trash trucks as the caller and the star of the parade to celebrate the important time of new value empowerment.  We collect common domestic trash in the city and animate them around the parade star – our trash truck. The trash is like ribbons and flowers attached to the well-decorated car. They also flow and are joyfully animated to tell the real story of trash collecting by the truck.

The periodic parade will take place every time the truck starts to collect daily trashes following its planned routine, which is from Pershing Square to the trash removal spot near the Santee Valley.


iteration 1

iteration 2
-Simulation in Unity-

iteration 3
pattern making & AR test