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Luoyi Village has ancient culture and seeks for opportunities to develop tourism. With the help of the local government and designers, villagers start small business like handcrafting, B&Bs, food etc.
The crowdfunding platform helps bring their projects to life, allows villagers to raise money, share personal stories on their fundraising pages, and spread the word about their campaign.

Project milestone


This is a part of design-empowered ancient villages preservation projects : A crowdfunding system showcasing onboard projects, collaboration opportunities and local cultural events. In this section, I will introduce the background of the crowdfunding system and how it empowers local economy.

About LUOYI Village and crowdfunding project

Our team

To better understand the severe situations. I made a series of desktop researches about major patients for the breast cancer, diagnosis time and methods, and the current situation in China. Our team made surveys, conducted in-depth interviews, and arranged field researches to collect data and gain insights for our research goals.

business impact


In this section, we will take a look at users interact with other two crowdfunding platforms. With Research questions ands task analysis, I create two personas

Task Analysis & Priority Plottings

I asked each user to pick one project they found most interesting, and wrote down what information they had viewed.I also asked each user to find the backup function and found what information they will view when they decide to fund one project.

I plotted a list of possible features to help prioritize what is crucial for this crowdfunding platform.
The main goal is to exhibit and to raise funds

Persona Building


Key Path Scenarios

User Flow

From scenarios, I extracted behaviors to construct the user flow. Considering about users can also become fundraisers, I designed another flow for posting a project.
For Luoyi Village crowdfunding platform, all posting projects will be reviewed by the local committee and need to meet certain project standards.

Information Architecture


I made both mobile and website prototype. Compared with the website, search project , start a project is optimized for a more compatible way on mobile end. Compared with the mobile, landing page shows more detailed information about the village news and crowdfunding as a part of rural revitalization program.


STEP is a crowdfunding platform that helps local villagers in Luoyi bring their small business to life. It is an important part of rural revitalization and cultural preservation strategy from the local government, to develop tourism and boost the employment rate of local people.