City Imagination

  • AR&VR

In the future virtual world, cities are constructed by old memories, buildings are sanctuaries for citizens who wander in this giant world and face the shocks by overabundance of constantly regenerative content.

[MEGA City ( Group part )]

Different imaginations of cities form a giant idealized fusion. Our group built them together, constructions are composited by memories, natural elements, food and road instructions.

Field Research & Ideation

Individual Part

What signs can represent a city’s characteristics?

1.There are always lights on the street, the city is busy and never rests.

2.There are symbols for each place, they are like short but strong ads. The city is inclusive to let these places speak for themselves.

3.Cities exist not only in the dimension of spaces but also the dimension of time. It has memories.

Elements Extraction

How can they become new forms of buildings?

City Ecology

How can buildings form a new virtual city?

[Poor area]

The monuments in poor area are composed of different types of mailboxes, they are guards in front of each building , or stand  in the public space between buildings like the centre of an activity area.Because People living in poor areas lead a collective inefficient and low-cost life. The mailbox corresponds to the low-cost and low-efficiency information dissemination method in their memories. Another form of monuments are composed of ads, road signs and cables. because This crowded area is made up of countless piles of messy information. They are attached to buildings and grow towards arbitrary directions, as if these redundant information becomes parasites.

[Natural area]

The memory of natural area grows slowly. It is composed of natural elements and simple artefacts serves for basic needs, such as shelters and benches to take a rest and two road signs. These monuments try to grow on both sides of the road, to point the directions like road signs. But the final monument is located in the center of the park, surrounded by fences. The road signs pointed to different directions, the rich area and the poor area.

[Wealthy area]

Monuments in wealthy areas are of two forms.This community, of tall buildings, it  has broad streets and a sense of order, everything is going on in a high pace. The memories here are forgotten by those residents that enjoy the presence. So they hide behind high-rise buildings as a part, or are isolated on the edge of the city.

Some monuments are composed of Cold, long-lasting, building materials,they still hold the architectural character, can be stacked to a really large scale, they also acted as the invaders in urban expansion in the early days, they are now remembered by people, to commemorate their desire to conquer and power. Some monuments are made up of clocks and traffic lights. Because such a city has no cultural memory of the past, time has become the only memorable thing.