About Me


I am a UX/UI designer passionate about creating useful and innovative products for everyone.

I have a background in digital media, I learned how to combine design thinkings and design research methods with real world problems, I put research and people’s experience first at the center of my design. My skills for different media, like interaction design, videos editing, graphic design, provide my design outcomes with various possibilities.

When I went to ArtCenter for my graduate study, I design experimental and innovative experience mostly in VR/AR, I try to bring entertaining elements into digital spaces, and practice my storytelling skills through making virtual events and imaging future dailiness. I learned about using different medium like Unity, LensStudio, live-streaming etc. to broaden my design solutions.

I am welcomed to challenges and different possibilities! ✊

I passionately believe that technologies empower our design, and I hope I could make it easier to use for people, with human-centered design methods, we will help shape a better future.⚡️⚡️⚡️