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I am Fuyao Liu, A UX/UI designer passionate about creating useful and innovative products for everyone. 🖥

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Breast Care Service

The project aims to reduce barriers between public hospitals and young female patients facing breast-related issues, increase diagnosis efficiency  and reduce patients anxiety through digital services.

STEP Crowdfunding Platform

Luoyi Village has ancient culture and seeks for opportunities to develop tourism. With the help of the local government and designers, villagers start small business like handcrafting, B&Bs, food etc.
The crowdfunding platform helps bring their projects to life, allows villagers to raise money, share personal stories on their fundraising pages, and spread the word about their campaign.

Robi's restaurant

Primary school students may feel it hard to understand some complex programming knowledge.

Robi’s restaurant is an web-based educational game that involves how a specific knowledge point (sentiment analysis) is applied to game challenges, and guide students step by step to solve the problem, to increase their interests and help them better understand this learning content.

Get your point

Get Your Point is a need-finding board game for designers to reveal people’s pain points and to look for design opportunities by gaming the process of first-time interviews. It makes interviews entertaining and light-hearted, thus encourage good interactions and avoid potential bias.


Hoarding behaviours in cities shows the tense between individual’s emotional attachment and confined space.

HOART is a communication and exhibition platform investigate the possibility of dealing with hoarding items in a creative and collaborative way.It hopes to preserve people’s attachment to objects through artistic creation, while effectively reducing the space those objects occupy.