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People’s malice is constantly amplified through the Internet, and it hurts everyone with impunity. Not many people can overcome this psychological attack. I wish there was such an ability to take the intangible verbal malice and turn it into tangible matter. I wish more people could see the deadly weakness of online verbal attacks. Its real physical impact can be shaped at will. People should not be afraid of this malice, and my superpower is to help everyone take back control of the negative impact by creating condiment that can produce more delicious food. The act of eating the “problem” also symbolizes the courage to face up to difficulties.

The Story of malicious comments
Prototype: Condiment Factory
Microstructure of condiment

The making process of  is in a laboratory. I generate the power and, it is conducted into the raw material, the malicious comment. The magic chemical reaction happens in the converter. The type of condiment is determined by the different kind of malicious comments.

Video: Prototype


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  • Prototype
  • Harm and malice in cyberspace


What is superheroļ¼Ÿ

It’s not hard to reveal the fact that many superpowers come from the human fantasy of breaking through their own limitations. The real world always seems to be full of crises, war, discrimination, extreme emotions always like poison corrodes people, compelling people to hurt each other, and the tragic fate of individuals and even groups is born. The superpowers in many fictional works reflect people’s struggle against the temporarily irreconcilable conflicts in reality.

I hope to take real physical injuries and transform them into something completely harmless.

A turning point

The process of translation is the main problem.What is the form of physical harm? In what specific ways?And what is completely harmless?
At first I was thinking about malice, but is malice physical, verbal, olfactory or auditory?
On the other hand, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in making virtual 3D models as all the unrealizable design solutions. But there are limits to the 3D space, and to a large extent it only stops at visual thinking. Therefore linking with the sense of taste might become a relatively new solution.


Once I constructed such a system, there are many interesting derivative questions. For example, what does the exact form of Condiments look like? In this regard, I did make some visual attempts. Some harmful words were selected to serve as chemical bonds that organically link the condiment molecules. The Condiment molecules are in turn composed of visual representations of the malicious content.

Bringing it into the context of eating, there are more questions. For example, how do these spices taste? What kind of impact does it bring to the table? Do people become more malicious? Where is it sold and what kind of food can it be served with?