Homemade Fake News Factory

With the development of the Internet, there are gradually more and more self-publishing studios in China with individuals or small companies as groups.Unlike professionally trained journalists with a wide accessibility of information sources and objective writing skills, these self-media publishers cares more about clicks than stories.There exists a large proportion of self-media run by commercial companies, which transform information from mainstream media through secondary processing, adding with clickbait titles, and produce articles like an assembly line.Their business model is like “Clickbait titles can always attract higher viewership, which can be converted into advertising revenues and investment.”

It’s important to acknowledge that there are a number of high-quality self-publishing outlets, but the industry is still a mixed bag. It has become a distribution center of false even absurd news.Even though everyone can set up an account and share their points, should’t they feel more responsible for the content they have created?Should the act of using the media’s communicative nature, to deliberately channel the public’s emotions, so as to achieve commercial purposes be revealed and criticized?

Elements of Making Fake News

Reference wall and clues: the past glories
Reader’s Persona : know your audience best
Reader’s Picker
Content Picker: nobody cares about the fact
Notes: Prepare to write your ideas
Attitude Picker: the hair dryer really helps!
Never forget about the process!

Fake News: Gambling, Cheating, money worship

Fake news is never about the fact

God of wealth and mysterious antique

readers are being guided invisibly


Never feel tired